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  • Too Hot to Handle!

    Posted on August 22nd, 2009 Angad No comments


    Love! This one little word is used for a whole range of emotions,feelings and activities that are more complex than a computer manual. We say we love all that gives us a pleasant tickle, from pizza to a person that turns us on, from watching movies to baking a cake. But surely there is a difference of degree or quality of the feeling. Is love only a warm emotional attachment? Is it just a funny feeling one can’t explain?

    Love is the favorite subject for poets, painters, film makers and writers, and it is more portrayed and talked about than actually lived. A red heart pierced with an arrow is the conventional symbol to portray the romantic feelings that we may experience in the beginning – but is that all there is to love? Love energy brings light and colour to everything we do; it is a phenomenon so vast that it cannot be merely a sentimental feeling – it spans our whole lives.

    Just look at what we call love: fascination at first sight, caring for someone, dreaming about them, desiring to be with them, being jealous, believing that all these feelings will last forever. Many people are wary of love because it can bring pain and misery. But this is not the fault of love itself; it comes from the insecurity and demands that we bring to the experience we call falling in love.

    The whole game of love can be turned upside down and given a unique meaning: flying in love. This beautiful experience of rising needs to be free from any emotional entanglement with another, otherwise it cannot bring true joy. Love that presupposes the other is not real love. Love can only be fragrance of one’s own flowering, the radiance of one’s inner glow. Until this happens in any relationship – be it with people or things or experiences – love is a sinking ship.

    Real love is born out of meditation and awareness. It is the emptiness of the heart – serene, silent and utterly blissful. And this emptiness is alive; like the sky on a no-moon night, it is studded with innumerable stars. If love does not rise to these heights, for sure it becomes too hot to handle.

    Excerpt from: Osho times Feb 04
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