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  • Getting in tune with Yourself

    Posted on August 12th, 2009 Angad 1 comment

    Whenever you feel a problem, look within your heart. If you are at ease, you are on the right path. Your heart is the criterion. If it is disturbed that means you have to the path; something has gone wrong, you have gone astray.

    The heart is your guide. When it is completely in harmony with nature, there is a beautiful dance and music in your heart. When you go away from the nature the music becomes noise; the dance becomes disturbed. These are the signs, the language of the heart, to make you aware whether you are going right or wrong.

    You don’t need any guidance from anybody. Your guide is within yourself.

    Become a good listener to the natural. All misery exists to indicate to you that somewhere you have gone wrong; you have gone off the track. Come back immediately! If you start listening to the body, listening to your nature, listening to your inner being, you will be more and more happy.

    Take a look at the contents of your mind from a distance, so that you can see, “This is anger, this is sadness, this is anguish, this is anxiety, this is worry,” and so on and so forth. Let them be there. “I am unconcerned. I am not going to do anything for or against,” and they will start disappearing.

    If you can learn a simple thing – letting these things disappear from the conscious – you will have clarity of consciousness. Your vision will be so penetrating, your insight so far-reaching that it will allow the repressed contents in the unconscious to surface. Seeing that you have learned not to repress, things start moving out. They want to go out into the world.

    Nobody wants to live in your basement, in the darkness. Seeing that you are allowing things to move out, they need not wait for the night when you are asleep; they will start coming up. You will see them coming up from the basement of your being and moving out from your consciousness. Slowly your unconscious will be empty

    Sometime, while looking in the mirror, close your eyes and then ask: if there was no mirror, how could you have known your face? If there was no mirror, there would have been no face. You do not have a face; mirrors give you faces.

    Think of a world where there are no mirrors. You are alone – no mirror at all, not even others’ eyes working as mirrors. You are alone on an island; nothing can mirror you.  Then will you have any face? Or will you have anybody? You cannot have one. We know ourselves only through others, and the others can only know the outer form. That is why we become identified with it.

    Your name is the mantra. Don’t call Ram, don’t call Allah; call your own name. Many times a day, whenever you feel sleepy, whenever you feel that the game is taking over and you are losing yourself in it, call yourself: Are you there? And answer yourself. Don’t wait for anybody’s answer; there is no one to answer you. Answer: Yes sir, I am here.

    Don’t answer just verbally; feel the answer: I am here. And be there, alert. In that alertness the mind disappears. And when there is no mind, meditation comes into being.

    Whatever you see in your dream, concentrate your attention on one object. Let’s say you see a marketplace. There are lines of shops loaded with the various articles and many people are moving about. Now focus your attention on something, perhaps on one shop.

    You will be astonished to find that as soon as you fix your attention on this one shop, the shop disappears – because it was never there. Then fix your gaze on other things one by one and you will find them all disappearing in the same manner. If you become adept at watching dreams, dreams will be lost. As soon as dreams are lost, you go into meditation even in sleep.

    Excerpt from: Osho Books. Taken from: Osho Times Feb 04