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  • My thoughts about God / The Source / Whatchamacallit – Part 3

    Posted on June 24th, 2009 Angad No comments

    Continued from: My thoughts about God / The Source / Whatchamacallit – Part 1 & My thoughts about God / The Source / Whatchamacallit – Part 2

    Day before yesterday, I was discussing this whole topic with my partner which i discussed in my earlier posts, while that brain storming, and getting disappointing conclusions, one thing hit me, some times, the most obvious conclusion, is the right one.

    What I mean is, in this whole mumbo jumbo of a question filled life, what’s the most obvious answer to what’s the meaning of life? Well to me is, to live it fully and completely I guess.

    Lets see it from how I reached here. What’s a human being most afraid of? Death, I believe. Shit scared to think all the accomplishments, all the memories, all the people he loved, all the things he owned are gonna be gone, poof… as soon as he dies? Scary isn’t it? Humans as a race are a very hopeful one. So they decided, death cant be it… right? there’s gotta be a way to go on after that. Ahh… after life, reincarnation… brilliant. Hmmm… So if we need to put some power into this idea, okay lets put all the power into some thing like a super being. which no one can see, which no one can hear, which you can only meet with once you dearly depart from this world! Convenient isn’t it?

    Its a self uplifting theory of man to keep himself from going insane because of the fear of Death!

    So if this is not it then what is it?

    I’ve come to a realization of a person who believes in Science. Organisms, constantly evolving. From single celled organisms, to organisms which live in water, to amphibians, to reptiles, to primates, to human. The evolution of Man as taught in every school. Why not actually see some truth in it? Okay so I asked her, now try to disprove this theory, just running an idea by you, the immediate answer from her was then tell me how some people are psychics? Clairvoyants? She said, your theory of us being organisms of science, that there’s no God, and no external life force goes down the drain very easily. I thought, well what if clairvoyants have just evolved. Like say, some people develop their bodies, some their minds, some develop logic, while some develop creativity, some are good in calculations, and some develop language skills. Clairvoyant people have just developed that part of their mind which deals with clairvoyance. So, what this point means is that, every one of us has the ability for clairvoyance in us, its just that we don’t develop it. Its like every body having a high tech cell phone, but one person using only some basic features, some more advanced features, and some using it extremely to the limit. I am not saying a clairvoyant person is using their mind to the max, its just that part they are using, I am sure a clairvoyant might not know what an engineer knows, they’ve just developed different parts of their mind.

    In the end. My personal conclusion about this whole GOD issue is that the whole system is a system of control. When you die, you die, so live your life, LIVE it. Nice and good. 🙂