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  • My thoughts about God / The Source / Whatchamacallit – Part 2

    Posted on May 25th, 2009 Angad 1 comment

    Continued from: My thoughts about God / The Source / Whatchamacallit – Part 1

    Heroes (The TV Series Season 3 Finale Narration: There are nearly 7 Billion people on this planet. Each one unique, different. What are the chances of that?  And Why? Is it simply biology, physiology that determines this diversity? A collection of thoughts, memories, experiences that carve out our own special place. Or is it something more than this? Perhaps there is a master plan that drives the randomness of creation. Something unknowable, that dwells in the soul, and presents each one of us with a unique set of challenges, that will help us discover, who we really are?

    We are all connected, joined together by an invisible thread, infinite in its potential and fragile in its design. Yet while connected we are also merely individuals, empty vessels to be filled with infinite possibilities, an assortment of thoughts, beliefs, a collection of disjointed memories and experiences.

    Can I be me without these? Can you be you?

    And if this invisible thread that holds us together was to sever, to cease, what then? What would become of billions of lone, disconnected souls? Therein lies the  great quest of our lives. To find, to connect, to hold on, for when our hearts are pure and our thoughts in line, we are all truly One, capable of repairing our fragile world and creating a universe of infinite possibilities.

    While watching this episode the first time, I completely unheard this part in which Mohinder Suresh narrates this voice over, Second time around, it got its prays heard. I heard it, listened to it, and then repeated it over and over again. I was kind of perplexed as to how the theme of the TV series matched what was going on my mind at that point of time. Well, coincidences apart, its quite a ponderable topic on which I was pondering over anyways.

    The point i could put my finger on is that the narrator aswell couldnt keep his finger on as to WHY is this actually happenning, he says perhaps there’s a masterplan. Ahh I See, I said to myself, maybe it some sort of a plan, but then again… the end thought was WHY? What is the need? Well everything being ONE, and all humans being ONE and connected does make sense to me, every one together, same, different, together again. What does happen when we die? What is happenning to us before we take birth? In both those times, swimming in the oceans of consciousness are we? Are we one with the creator at that time? one with the architect? Oh, that reminds me of The Matrix, but I dont think I wanna go into it as of now, maybe some other day, maybe some other blog post.

    Conclusion? You looking for one? Well I dont have any, as yet. But I do have an opinion, I feel, god has left the building. And some other bozo’s enjoying one of god’s worlds while he’s on vacation. Is that person the Devil? Dont ask me, form your own opinions.

    I’d like to stay with these thoughts for now, maybe some thing interesting might come outta it. 😉


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