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  • Materializing Pain

    Posted on May 15th, 2009 Angad No comments

    Pain, its hard to look away from, sure we have all the drugs in the world at our disposal which would say otherwise, but I believe Pain is one of the most easiest thing which each and everyone of us is able to materialize in their life, in the literal or hypothetical form, or both, which is usually the case of most of us.

    Human beings, are born with this talent, no one needs to teach them how to attract pain into their lives, exactly like no one needs to teach a baby how to breathe and suck his or her mother’s milk out of her breasts at the same time.

    We like pain just as much as we like love, we like emotional, physical, mental… all types of pains. No ones better than others, physical pain is just more easily and readily available. Starts right in the beginning, the 1 -2 year old taking its first steps will fall down, and hurt itself even if it is in the minutest of ways, it will cry, cry like there’s no tomorrow, and what will it get for it? Undivided attention, love, caresses, and loads of kisses from the mum and dad. Kid ¬†grows up! Knows just how to molest their parents hearts. Get a scraped knee and come running home, to get all that he felt he’s lost, gain all the energy that was drained out of him, by his friends, teachers, and in the end he will be satisfied, bandaged by his mother’s hands, cookies and a glass of warm milk in front of him, and to top that off, he just might even get rid of doing homework that night. After all the poor kid’s in “Pain”!

    Kid now is a teenager, he/she knows, half the things he/she wants to do, his parents will never allow him to, so he plays an act, an act so complicated, that even the adults believe it, and believe it as a fact of life. No body understand me!! He/she would shout at the top of his/her voice. And the so called “adults” would even agree, teenagers are just in a world of their own. We cant really help it! It’s the hormones! And what not lies people hide behind, just to show that they are in pain. The teenager in pain of no one understands me, and the parent, in the pain that no matter what they do, they just cant understand what their teen son or daughter wants!?!?

    The Game of seeking attention continues…

    Diseases. The terminal ones… you know, HIV, Cancer, what not… what are they? Arent they also the most elaborate form of Pain? The highest order if I may say? Why do we bring them into our lives? You think it comes from the outside? It isn’t the persons fault? Well guess again. Just another Love and attention seeking Pain Game. The worse I die, the more love I’ll get before I die… Ironical logic, no one can beat that. And also, the bigger irony is, all of us believe in just this logic. If I tell my girl friend, my back is aching, she’ll come and say Oh my baby!, come let me give you a massage, good idea isn’t it? But, come to think of it, what if I straight away request for a back massage without hiding behind any fake or real pain? A massage is a massage right?

    I’ll leave you with my final thoughts on this topic for now…

    Pain is a means, a means by which every one of us gets whatever we want. Its not a handicap, but a tool, using which we can get any and every where in life.

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