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  • My thoughts about God / The Source / Whatchamacallit – Part 1

    Posted on May 22nd, 2009 Angad 3 comments

    Since the beginning of time, man has been looking for meaning, and a direction, why is he where he is? And he has asked himself a million times, what am I supposed to do. With all our technological advances, have we been able to find out the basest questions that comes to a human’s mind?

    What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What are we supposed to do?

    People joke, god is a kid with an ant farm, well, I think that might not be that far from the truth. Spiritual speakers tell us about all of us being one, part of the same energy, the same illuminating ball of light, the supreme, The Source. And that we are given our life lessons before birth and we are supposed to learn our life lessons in our life time otherwise we start this cycle of birth and death again to learn the lessons we didn’t learn in the previous. Its like homework from school, no matter how much you delay doing it, you will have to do it!

    I ask if we are the part of the all knowing source, which has given birth to all the organisms as well as the universe itself, what are we? Are all the 7 billion of us humans god’s playthings? God is the head master and we are his students? If he is really god, why doesn’t he just wave his hand and fill us with all the learning there is and be done with it. Are we his entertainment?

    Well if we think about this source explanation seriously, this I think it isn’t the only source. I know you think I’m out of my mind, but just bear with me. Let’s just see what’s happening, We humans come out of the ball of light, our source and are given specific lessons to learn, failing in this task we wont be able to go back to the source and have to take another birth to learn them. Then how I would understand this situation as would be that the source is like us, actually just like us, its needs to learn, which it is doing through us. It is NOT all knowing. It is actually exactly like us in the manner that it has also been sent out to learn lessons, which it is doing through us, it’s the way it knows how. Our source, might be actually just a pawn in this whole game of chess, a soldier in the mission to get intelligence, it might have come out of a bigger source, and that bigger source… wouldn’t it be the same like our source? Another chain, another link, another organism which needs to learn? Wont this just keep going on? Where do you think it will end? Who do you think will be the boss? Would the boss be an all knowing source? If yes, then why is he doing this? For entertainment? If not, then who made him boss in the first place?

    While you think about what I just said, think about this: Who is busting there asses actually learning the lessons? US. Who are actually the people who get it done, who try and try again to learn twisted, complicated lessons? US. Who’s making us do these hard chores? Is there a fat man with a cane who whips us as soon as we stop? Or is there a sexy lady enchanting us with her bare bottoms to the work quickly and come to her? Well no, there’s none of that. Is there? Who made us the slaves? I think the whole concept is screwed up, we aren’t the slaves, we’re the masters! We work, we work, we stop, we stop, no one’s there to tell us to work, or stop. Right? WRONG. That’s what society is for. The one that’s been folded over our eyes, what’s right, what’s wrong, things which are supposed to be this way or that way, and things that aren’t supposed to be this way and that way. These so called norms of the society we live in surround us. And what happens if we break them? We’re called the rebel, even a lunatic if you’ve broken a more prominent rule of the society.

    To be continued…