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  • Vector Fun!

    Posted on May 20th, 2009 Angad No comments

    Photoshop, been using this cool piece of software since I got my first computer in 1999. Obviously, I couldn’t do shit on it. I just wanted to play games on my computer like every kid does, atleast in the beginning, once I saw these neat little bars on a mobile phone forum in a guys signature. Nokia User. I thought, wow, thats cool, and then I saw a whole lot of people just making their signatures, using those bars, I later learned those were called user bars, and a friend of mine, The Puddster, taught me how to make cool looking user bars on photoshop! Finally the day had come when I would actually use that piece of software that’s been hogging my precious hard disc space since the beginning of time, at least I was right about the software, I sure would need it someday, and that day had come….

    Anyways, yesterday, while looking for some free vectors for my blog i found a cool site which sells Vector Art Packs, but also has a huge Sample pack which is FREE!!! Well I downloaded it and just kinda browsed through it and saw what vector basics were all about. Then i added all the photoshop brushes they had provided  for the vectors in that pack and started kinda doodling with them.

    Here’s what I came up with using some of the brushes of my PS CS4 as well as some of the ones that were in the pack.

    Looks Fun... Dunnit?
    Looks Fun… Dunnit?

    Well if you want the Vector art + Photoshop Brushes Pack I used, you can get it here: