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  • The Moon

    Posted on May 5th, 2009 Angad 3 comments


    Another Image Added in the Photos section, Click to see enlarged. 🙂

  • My Cactus

    Posted on May 5th, 2009 Angad No comments


    Posted one of the images i clicked the other day in the photos section.

    Click on the pic to ckeck it out.

  • Everybody Lies!

    Posted on May 5th, 2009 Angad 1 comment

    Yeah, they do, you do too, and you know it. Don’t think I’m trying to be some sort of preacher here, everybody means everybody, including me. See the thing with lies are is that once you even think of them, they become a reality for you, you feel it, you believe it and you live it just as well. Starts small usually, I didn’t do it… It wasn’t me… but you know how it is with lies, they’re hungry, very hungry. They need constant attention, attention hungry little monsters they are.

    You think you’ve taken care of an issue with your friend, spouse, parent, by that one lie and that’s that. Oh but its not. Did I say Lies are like hungry monsters? Yeah, constantly need to feed on your mind, on your conscience, your will and eventually your life, not forgetting the fact that they feed on further lies to support them. They’re like these little creatures, which seem so cute and nice to hold in the beginning, but as time passes, they grow, and how they grow!

    They grow so big you can’t hug them any more, you can’t think of them as nice anymore, and at times, they don’t even feel useful anymore. You start disliking them, you feel repulsed, and eventually we hate them, and it ends with us hating ourselves. There’s no looking around it, there’s no ignoring them, and there’s certainly no forgetting them. Because if we do, forget them I mean, they bite us in the ass. And bite hard. The imaginary world we create using those lies crumbles which we had created for our friends, our relatives, our parents, even the people we don’t really know, and most importantly for ourselves. The lies that we tell ourselves are actually the ones that don’t bite, but stab. They stab us without our knowledge, without our permission, without us even feeling it, but that’s all temporary. Because eventually, we receive it, all the knowledge, all the feelings, all the pain, and we feel every last bit of it. It takes its toll, on our lives in a way we never thought possible, in a way we thought only nightmares end, in a way we are the only one left in the dust. Alone and lonely.

    It only gets worse, yeah. If we keep feeding the lies we tell every one around us and yeah in turn to ourselves. There’s no light at the end of this tunnel. In fact there’s just no end to it, rather, its not a tunnel at all, it’s a pit, a big one, and one that’s got no bottom. We can keep falling or we can decide to do some thing about it. Do what? You ask me, but the thing is, this pit each and everyone of us has, is like a thumb print. Unique and individual every last one of them. But there is only one common solution.

    The truth. Tell it. Today.